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Having a damaged roof and trying to figure out the insurance claim process can be complicated and stressful as a homeowner. Elite Roofing and Restoration is committed to helping our customers navigate insurance claims to ensure a swift and simplified process. We have experience fixing numerous damaged roofs and working with a variety of insurance companies.  

Our Roofing Insurance Claim Process

Step One: Property Inspection

If your roof needs repair, it’s important to have a roofing contractor do a thorough inspection of the damage. We take full responsibility for taking photos and providing a detailed report of your roof’s damage. 

Step Two: File an Insurance Claim

You should file a roof repair insurance claim as soon as possible after meeting with our estimate team if they find damage. After our inspection of your roof, we also assist with answering any and all questions that your insurance company may ask regarding the roof’s damage. 

Step Three: Meet with Adjuster

After filing your roofing claim, the insurance adjuster schedules a time to inspect the property. Our reliable roofing expert will also attend this scheduled meetup to ensure all of the roof’s damage is correctly assessed and accounted for.

Should you choose not to work with us, we still recommend you have your roofing company present when the insurance adjuster comes to make sure nothing gets missed or overlooked.

Step Four: Insurance Report

After the insurance company assesses your roof, the adjuster writes up an estimate. Work on your roof begins once we receive the estimate and double-check that it’s accurate based on the damage we discovered during our initial inspection. 

Step Five: Storm Damage Replacement

The first step in working on your roof is to remove the old, damaged materials. Once that’s done, our team of experienced roofing contractors installs the new roof using the best quality materials for your insurance-approved roofing replacement. We can also help you improve the quality of your roofing materials with optional upgrades to help your roof last longer than your previous installation.

Step Six: Notifying Insurance

The last step in this process involves you signing a roofing certificate of completion once the new roof is installed. The certificate of completion, along with a detailed invoice, is then sent to your insurance company. It’s necessary to have these documents in order to receive any payment from your insurance. 

Elite Roofing and Restoration goes above and beyond for our customers to make the insurance claims process as easy as possible. Not only can we guarantee a hassle-free roofing experience, but we also offer up to a non-prorated 50-year warranty on our roofs. Contact us today to see how we can help transform your home!

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Elite Roofing and Restoration offers roofing insurance claims assistance with quick and reliable solutions. We guarantee that you will receive the highest quality of materials and services for your home’s roof. Contact us today for more information regarding our insurance claims services!

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